Our activity in the lime industry began some decades ago, dating back to the past century, specifically 1922. It was at a location close to us that José Batista, grandfather of the main partners, experimented with the handicraft cooking of limestone, thereby transforming it into lime. A long tradition of corporate activity connected to the lime industry thus began.

Then, it was in Viegas in 1947, following the teachings of his father, that Manuel Baptista continued the same type of activity. Later, Manuel da Piedade Batista and António Manuel da Piedade Baptista, followers of their father, took on the leadership of the family activity as they had dealt with lime since they were children. In 1982, Manuel da Piedade Baptista & Irmão, Lda. was formed.

The new partners influenced a new and strong dynamism in the company that registers years of development, in which the most relevant aspect was the important technological alterations introduced in the production process, thanks to the teachings and also the knowledge acquired by the family over the decades, both nationally and internationally, thereby centralising their strategy on the constant search for the development and improvement of quality. In 1994, it is bought by the company Calcidrata – Sociedade Industrial de Calcário, Lda, thereby creating a sustained growth and development strategy.

As a consequence, a modernisation process of the existing facilities is initiated together with an increase in the production capacity, with the installation of a vertical shat kiln, an hydration plant and a fully automated bagging line. The extraction and sale of ornamental rock blocks was also initiated at this time.

In 1996, the second kiln is installed and the first research is initiated to study the formulations of ready-mix mortar.

1997 is the year in which the newest member of this group of companies appears, Transicálcio – Transportes e Comércio, Lda, whose mission is the logistical support of the first two companies, both in terms of production flows, as well as the supplies that they both depend on.

In 1998, in order to open the capital to the younger members of the family, thereby giving continuity to the family in the lime industry, and also to make its management more open and transparent, and possibly even prepare the company to enter into a strategic partnership, the limited company was turned into a limited liability company (Calcidrate – Indústrias de Cal, S.A.).

In 2000, the company certification process for the ISO 9001 standard is initiated and ends in 2002 with the certification audit and the attribution of the respective certificate. Calcidrata becomes the first national company operating in this sector to be given this distinction.

In mid 2006, Calcidrata begins a new cycle of investment in the scope of its expansion strategy in the lime production activity and complementarily some products directly derived from lime, so as to increase its positioning in international markets and also as a tool to fight against the volume of imports into the national market.

In addition to these investments, the Environmental Certification process in accordance with standard ISO 14001 begins, as well as, and in accordance with the legislation in force, the EC Marking of products for civil construction, which was successfully concluded. Still in the regulation area, focus should be given to the registering of the company in REACH, a regulation related to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

At the end of 2008, the company is in the progress of launching various lime derived products, while always keeping the perspective of obtaining added value.