Paste Lime

High purity lime, fully hydrated in paste form. Ready to use in paintings, plasterwork and as mortar for construction.


Fine plaster, used for manual application indoor. Also suitable for finishing plasters and special mechanical projection.

Quick Lime

Lime is an agglomerate product/natural chemical reagent, obtained through the de-carbonation of limestone, by being subjected to high temperatures.

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime is a product which is the result of the reaction between quicklime and water.

Parget Lime

Special micronized quicklime for plaster works. After leaving the furnace is directed to a process of grinding.

Agricultural Correctives

For agricultural use. Products available: Agrical and Agrisolo.


The INTOMIX product line. Presented in their dry form, these products are the best ready-to-be-applied solution in contruction sites.


Product based on air, hydraulic binders and fly ash, it is used to stabilise waste mud landfills. Contact Calcidrata for more information.

Ornamental Rocks

Under the layer from which we extract the limestone for lime, another type of limestone rock appears, particularly attractive to ornamental works.